About Budget Road Tripper

Let's Get Acquainted

This is for those with wanderlust; those who seek new experiences, those who never travel to the same place twice.  A guide for people who purposely take a wrong turn or always wonder what is just down that road.

Road tripping on a budget. Because even when you are paying off debt, raising a family on one income, or focusing on the FIRE movement (financial independence/retiring early) you still need to see the world! 

This blog hopes to inspire you to take the road less traveled - while keeping costs low. Car camping, budget meals, and alternative lodging are key. As well as taking advantage of the city you live in, your local nature preserves, and the generosity of friends and family.

Come along on my road trips, or help me plan a quick weekend break. 

See you on the road, fellow Budget Road Trippers!

About Janelle

Janelle is a single mom of two teenage boys with a deep desire to spend her life on the road visiting every National Park - but on a budget!

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