About the Road Trips Section

This section will develop over time as I log our road trips, come up with plans, and do more blogging. My goal is to have sections with ideas for you if you only have a day, a holiday weekend, or a spring break. For now, follow along on the main blog!

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Road Trips

24 Hour Day Trips


If you only have one day off or the kids' soccer team never allows you a weekend away, hit the open road anyway.

48 Hour Road Trips


Off work on Friday at 5pm, home by Sunday at 5pm. Just enough time to see something new and get home in time to do laundry for the week.

3 Day Weekends


A holiday weekend is the perfect time for a regional road trip. Or if you can a Friday or Monday off, here's your itinerary.

1 Week Getaways


You need a break. With or without kids, get away from work, do it on a budget, and take a quick vacation.

Two Week Relaxation


Spring Break, Christmas Break, Summer Break, etc. Time to get away and set the reset button!



Got a month of vacation built up? A rare job with a paid sabbatical? Here's what I would do!